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Methodically improve the impact your website has on your customers' journeys

Drumline Digital helps brands turn behavioural data into insight, insight into experiences that matter, using technology that fits you and your team.

Our services fall into 3 key areas.

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Customer Understanding

We bring together quantitative and qualitative methods to identify the critical journeys and friction points that people experience so your business can turn users into valuable, engaged customers.

What does this look like in terms of services we offer? Here are a few:

  • Implementation and configuration for digital analytics

  • Actionable insight and reporting

  • Customer journey and segmentation modelling

  • Rapid user experience research

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Sometimes called CRO, other times Experimentation. No matter your preference, we see the beauty of applying the scientific method in building experiences to improve how effectively your website matches customer needs and drives business goals.

We can deliver this through a fully managed service, through enabling your team, or through a hybrid between the two. We're incredibly passionate about experimentation and want to share that passion with you!

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Digital and Team Strategy

We help build capability in your technology and your team. Whether you need some support in choosing new tools or you've got everything in place and just need to have the structure, processes, and training to back it up, we've got you covered.

For us this includes

  • Customer and Data strategy

  • Martech selection and roadmapping

  • Team structure and skills growth

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Why Drumline

Audience Focused

Customer experience starts with designing for the customer! We focus on helping you turn your key audiences into reportable, targetable and scalable segments to craft compelling digital journeys.

Data First Decisions

Like you, we're full of good ideas and we test them with real data to pick out the best ones. We explore transactional, behavioural and attitudinal data to test what is or isn't working and to make better decisions.

Technical Marketers

We speak Marketer and IT. We've all seen how needs are lost between teams with the best of intentions. Let us be your go-between, translating marketing needs to martech stack that plugs in and works.

Enablement, Everyday

Our goal is to build teams who craft innovative and compelling digital experiences. Working with us is investing in building your team's skills, workflow and delivery model to be customer centric.

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We love hard problems

We'll sit down with you and unpick what's totally working and where you're looking to achieve more.